Discover Thai Tea With A Twist, Only At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Your go-to café The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is putting a twist on a Thai street food favorite and bringing Filipinos two strong, sweet, and satisfying drinks.

Add a burst of flavor to an otherwise ordinary day with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s signature blend of Assam black tea combined with the sweetness of condensed milk as Thai Tea Latte & Thai Tea Ice Blended hit stores nationwide.

Assam black tea is known for its body, briskness, and robust flavor. This, when combined with creamy and sweet condensed milk, makes traditional Thai tea both a great way to jumpstart the day and a refreshing treat to sip on over your break. It is often sold out of street carts or at coffee shops in its home country of Thailand, but you can now savor this delicious drink the way you want to, right in the comfort and warmth of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s cozy spaces.

Drop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and chill with your friends with a cool drink of Iced Thai Tea Latte, paired with delicious Roast Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli for lunch or a hearty afternoon meal. Or if you’re craving for something sweet, the Triple Decker Cheesecake goes perfectly with Thai Tea Ice Blended.

No matter how you take your tea, you can be sure that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sources its ingredients from only the best plantations around the world, giving you the premium tea you’re looking for with fresh twists you’ll enjoy, along with an elevated café experience you’ll want to keep coming back to.

So, watch out, tea lovers, and be the first in line to try the Thai Tea Latte and Thai Tea Ice Blended only at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Get a taste of what’s new at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. For more information visit to find a store near you.

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