Kohler C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat’s Smart Innovation And Simple Elegance Enrich The Bathroom Experience

Bathroom fixtures remain fundamentally unchanged for decades. Kohler, a global leader in the manufacture of luxury kitchen and bath products, seeks to break this mold with chic, stylish and smart innovations that redefine contemporary bathroom elegance. Its latest hygiene product, the Kohler C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat, provides a cleaner and more comfortable bathroom experience.

Cleanliness, comfort and convenience

Users can take cleanliness to the next level with the Kohler C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat’s built-in self-cleaning dual bidet spray, for hassle-free hygiene. The seat itself is made of anti-bacterial material that prevents the growth of bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors, irritation and sickness.

This revolutionary toilet seat guarantees ultimate comfort with every use. Users can enjoy hands-free cleansing with Kohler’s dual-wand system, which makes front and rear personal cleansing so much easier. There is no need to reach out for a spray, or make an uncomfortable twist just to wash intimate areas.

Users can customize the water pressure with a simple switch to prevent spills, splatters and user discomfort. Aside from setting the water pressure to a comfortable level, they can even enjoy a soft water spray with air bubbles.

The seat is ergonomically designed with a super slim profile, guaranteeing a comfortable sitting experience for users of all ages. It boasts the patented Quiet-Close (TM) lid for slow, gentle and quiet closing.

Traditional toilet seats once installed are very difficult to remove. Consequently, toilet users simply wipe the surface, failing to kill most bacteria. The Kohler C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat addresses this problem with patented Quick-Release (TM) hinges, which make it easy and convenient to remove the seat for cleaning without needing special tools. As a result, bathrooms can be completely odor-free and hygienic.

The best part? The Kohler C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat delivers all these impressive features without being plugged into a power socket or battery pack!

Contemporary elegance

The Kohler C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat is designed for users who seek simple elegance. Designed to complement any type of bathroom décor and Kohler elongated toilets, this seat is an artful addition to the contemporary home.

Enjoy a better bathroom experience with the Kohler C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat, which crystallizes true cleanliness, comfort, convenience and style.

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