Bianca Gonzalez-Intal Helps Other Moms with Manulife GradMaker

Manulife brand ambassador Bianca Gonzalez-Intal strives to give back to the community. This year, she hosted an intimate meet-up for five mothers who best responded to her Instagram post about their dreams for their kids.

During the Mommy Meet-Up, the celebrity mom introduced them to GradMaker, a policy and mobile application from Manulife that offers parents a flexible and convenient way to save for their children’s college education. To help the mothers get started, Gonzalez-Intal gave each a gift of a GradMaker policy worth P10,000.00.

“I just love how easy and accessible GradMaker makes it for us parents to prepare for our child’s future education. With everything we have to think about and spend on, GradMaker helps us save for their tuition as early as now,” said the TV host, author, and social media personality who has a young daughter.

GRADMAKER MOMS. Manulife brand ambassador Bianca Gonzalez-Intal hosted an intimate Mommy Meet-Up and gave each mom a GradMaker policy worth P10,000 to help them start preparing for their children’s college education. In the photo are (L-R): Bim Gutierrez (Senior Assistant Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Manulife Philippines), J.M. Lavadia, Lara Aldana, Dee Enriquez with one-year-old daughter Tammy, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Reina Jadie, and Ivy Medina with six-year-old son Skyler.

“I hosted this Mommy Meet-Up with Manulife to share GradMaker with more moms, first-hand and in person. I showed them how quick it is to buy a policy with just a few clicks on the smartphone. It’s perfect for busy parents.”

The five women included full-time mom Dee Enriquez, accountant Reina Jadie, technology company executive Ivy Medina, product trainer Lara Aldana, and retention specialist J.M. Lavadia. Coming from different walks of life, each had a story to tell.

“I’ve always scrambled to pay for one bill to the next, so I haven’t started saving for the long term,” said Lavadia. “Meeting Bianca and the other moms reinforced its importance, especially for my sixyear-old daughter’s future. I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

“Saving is so important because providing the best education is very expensive,” said Jadie, whose eight-year-old daughter dreams of becoming a doctor and fashion designer. “But it’s not enough to just save in a bank, which only yields returns of about 2%. You need to make investments with higher returns so you can support your child’s dreams even when you retire.”

Customers can buy a GradMaker policy anytime, subject to its terms and conditions. They are not bound to a monthly payment schedule because they decide when to purchase. GradMaker gives life insurance coverage of at least 125% of the customer’s single premium. It invests in professionally managed funds of stocks and bonds to help customers achieve long-term growth. Customers can pay for policies online using their credit or debit card.

GradMaker is a free download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for select Android and iOS devices. For more information, visit

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