Drei Raña Launches 2nd Single ‘Walang Labis, Walang Kulang’

Drei Rana launches his newest single ‘Walang Labis, Walang Kulang’ under PolyEast Records, his second single after Ligaya.

Walang Labis Walang Kulang is a catchy yet flirtatious cry of assuring love from one guy to a girl once she comes to his side.

“Kaya tara sa aking tabi at wag ng mag-atubili na kumapit sa akin. Pagkat ikaw lamang ang iibigin. Hinding hindi paluluhain. Ang nais ay paligayahin. Hindi lalabis at di magkukulang. Saki’y di ka mabibitin.”

Dubbed as The Viral Singing Heartthrob and Spotify Millionaire, Drei Rana is excited about his new composition, Walang Labis, Walang Kulang. His debut single, Ligaya, earned a million streams on Spotify. Some of his YouTube song covers have also gone viral.

Drei Raña says, “I’m blessed to be given this great opportunity of releasing my own compositions and performing in front of an audience. I hope my fans and all the music lovers out there will support my latest single. It’s an easy listening love song. Some of my friends told me that after listening to Walang Labis Walang Kulang they ended up either humming or singing along with it because of its feel-good vibes.”

Drei has been writing songs since he can remember. He shares, “I write original songs. I write songs whenever I feel extreme emotions. I’m also inspired to write songs whenever I hum a melody that sounds good.”

With the little successes that he has, Drei always reminds himself “to keep my feet on the ground and to never stop growing and improving. The most important thing is to always remember to thank those people who got me into wherever I may be.”

Walang Labis Walang Kulang is now available in all digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer.

Drei Raña is a talent of Asian Artists Agency. For inquiries, please call (02) 855-4765 or (02) 405-4423, email info@asianartistsagency.com, and visit fb.com/asianartistsagency

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