Vision Express Shares 4 Steps on How To Take Care of Your Eyes

Today, over 90% of the population spends at least two hours a day focusing on a digital display. The amount of time drastically rises among young professionals, who are more likely to rely on digital devices for both work and recreation.

However, it has been discovered that all digital screens – be it televisions, smart phones, computer screens, or simple LED displays- emit HEV (High Energy Visible), or what is commonly known as blue light. Exposure to blue light has been positively linked to digital eyestrain, poor quality of sleep, and in extreme cases, increases the risk of macular degeneration and retinal disease.

Children are particularly vulnerable since the lens on their eyes are more transparent, allowing in more blue light from tv screens, tablets and so on.

Blue light emitted by these digital devices are filtered by the “natural sunglasses of the eyes” called Lutein. Lutein naturally absorbs the harmful HEV blue light, protecting our eyes from the risk of having central vision loss and retinal disease. However, our eyes cannot naturally produce this nutrient. Our bodies can only absorb it by eating green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits.

This 2018, take steps to protect your visual health by taking these simple steps:

  1. Change your focus. When spending a lot of time in front of your device, remember to change your visual focus every so often by looking away at something in the distance.
  2. Minimize the glare. You can do this by sitting in an area with adequate lighting adjusting the light emitted by your screen.
  3. Refresh your eyes with artificial tears when you notice that they are getting dry.
  4. Consult with an optometrist about protective lenses such as Shamir Blue Zero, specifically made from a unique polymer formula that filters and absorbs blue light to protect your eyes, similar to what Lutein does to our eyes. This built-in defense from pervasive blue light is exclusively available at all Vision Express outlets.

Worried that Shamir Blue Zero will interfere with your view of the world? Don’t be. The lens is completely clear, eliminating any unsightly discoloration and remaining comfortable in all light conditions, indoor and out. It even provides UV protection by effectively absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Don’t wait to protect your eyes
Begin 2018 with a commitment to better vision. Take advantage of Vision Express’ end of season sale to check out the Shamir Blue Zero lens. Happening until February 28, it’s a great opportunity to get these uniquely superior lenses at a great price. Make sure you drop by a branch soon and secure your visual health!

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