King Sue | The Best Oktoberfest Right In Your Own Backyard

You dont have to travel to motherland Munich or inch your way to the nearest watering holes to celebrate Octoberfest. Why not mount one in your own backyard? KING SUE has these suggestions for an awesome Octobefest celebration.

  • Willkomen your guests. Prep your backyard for the party. At the entrance, place a chalkboard with a message that says: Willkomen. Why not make some pretzel-shaped necklaces as a welcome token?
  • Backyard Biergarten. Transform your backyard and garden into a beer garden, complete with Bavarian-inspired decorations like flags, balloons and buntings to kick off a festive mood. DIY beer kegs and barrels should also be in place to add a little bier house charm.
    Its all about the Bier. Octoberfest wont be fun without beer; so serve different kinds- both local and international. Have beer tasting stations in a corner of the backyard where they can sip and sample their favorite brew.
  • On with the Oom-pah. Music is essential to achieve an authentic German ambience. If you have friends who know how to play some instrumentslike a tuba, trumpet, and percussionsask them to entertain the guests. Otherwise, a nice upbeat Bavarian folk, German pop, or polka music in the background will suffice.
  • King Sue bar chows. While beer is the event superstar, food is as important for a successful Octoberfest party. KING SUE has got you covered with these dishes that are easy-to-do:

  1. Sausages. These staple beer grubs are great as appetizers. King Sue has German Franks, Hungarian-Style, and Old English Sausages which you may grill, and cut into bite-sized pieces.
  2. GermanPotato Salad. Dont forget to sizzle up your potato salad with slices of King Sue Ham and Bacon.
  3. Roasted Meat. Grilled Chicken or pork ribs and beer go together. Try King Sues Beef Teriyaki and Deli Beef Burger.
  4. Beer Cheese platter. Load up a flat wood (or a cheese board) with cheese, pretzels, dried fruits, nuts as well King Sue Sausages and Cold Cuts.

So, get those blue-and-white table covers, and checkered-themed table napkins ready. And if youre brave enough to wear those Dirndls and Lederhosen as your German attire, youre on the right track to hosting the best Octoberfest right in your own backyard! Prost!

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