Reach Your Best Potential With Aquafina’s Best Begins Now Campaign

This generation is marked by passion. In this day and age, the sky is the limit when it comes to the goals we want to achieve as we continue to dream and create, capped only by our imagination. In whatever field we choose to be in, innovation is the name of the game as we step out of our boundaries and push ourselves to be the best we can be.

Aquafina, the world’s best-selling water, believes in this and that working towards your best means not wasting a single day. Launching their #BestBeginsNow campaign, Aquafina helped today’s youth reach their fullest potential through a series of talks by experts who have aspired to reach their best.

Aquafina ambassadors along with the brand team for #BestBeginsNow

Becoming your best starts with small steps. We understand it takes hard work and commitment to get there so we want to help inspire people to start living the best version of themselves,” said Aquafina Brand Manager Melai Lazaro-Javier. She added, “we believe delaying is not an option because your best begins now”.

The #BestBeginsNow session happened on June 22, 2018 at the Glorietta Activity Center, with the event bustling with activity as the hall was divided into three areas, according to their specialties: Beauty, Content Creation, and Hosting.

Guests were able to wander around the maze-like structure and choose which area to stay in, as headed by inspiring panelists.

For the Beauty Like A Queen area, beauty queens Pia Wurtzbach, Michelle Gumabao and designer Francis Libiran joined by Jonas Gaffud and Albert Kurniawan headed the talks, as they spoke on how to feel more confident in one’s skin, as well as choosing a personal style that fits you the best.

Meanwhile, the content creation area also known as the Make It Trend section had a handful of creatives exemplary in their respective fields: for food styling, Hey Handsome chef Nicco Santos and food stylist Chichi Tullao demonstrated how to make even the simplest of dishes come to life with a bit of imagination. Social media maven and award-winning entrepreneur Martine Cajucom, on the other hand, spoke about personal branding and how one could use it to their advantage.

Hosts Suzy Gamboa and Sam YG with Beauty Like A Queen influencers Pia Wurtzbach, Francis Libiran, Albert Kurniawan, Michelle Gumabao and Jonas Gaffud

Hosts Sam YG and Suzy Gamboa took centerstage in the Host Like A Pro segment as they both talked about hosting, mentoring up-and-coming Magic 89.9 junior jocks as they elaborated on maintaining composure during live shows and keeping the conversation flowing to avoid dead air.

Everyone has a best version of themselves — it’s all up to you to make it happen. Start working on it now.

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