Chinese Ambassador Scholarship | A Helping Hand To Empower The Next Generation Of Leaders

Fostering the youth responsible for the next generation has been the backbone and primary reason for establishing the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship.

Intended to benefit the students who are financially challenged, the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship believes that providing aid is providing equal opportunities and paving the way for the students to attain a higher quality of education and to equip themselves with essential knowledge and skills to secure employment upon completion of their studies.

The Scholarship aims to clear a path for the students to become financially supported which in turn should develop not just their intellectual development and holistic growth but also give them the determination to set the morale in their respective journeys.

The vision of this program is to develop people’s understanding of
purpose of education to overcome poverty and encourage the drive to
advance draws a core value in the heart of every Filipino. Thus, we would like to encourage all students that aspire to be leaders who are hindered by financial challenges to visit your school’s scholarship grant office to apply and be a part of the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship.

For more information about the latest news and projects of the Chinese Embassy, be sure to check out their website and Facebook Page.

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