ESPN5 Boxing Launches “Ultimate Boxing Series: Kamaong Pinoy”

After championing the local boxing scene with a slew of exciting live events, ESPN5 Boxing steps up further by teaming up with Gerrypens Promotions to deliver a boxing tournament training program called Ultimate Boxing Series: Kamaong Pinoy, premiering June 2019 on the “5” Network.

KAMAONG PINOY (UPPER L-R:) Ronel Dela cruz, Christoval Furog, Ian Refuela, Ronel Sumalpong, April Jay Abne, Ruben Dadivas, Welben Montere, Joseph Bayubay, Denmark Quibido, Rey Tagulaylay. (LOWER L-R:) Lienard Sarcon, Rimon Rama, John Mark Tihuk , Luis Evander Borje, Ken Jordan, Kevin Aseniero, Lenjun Retuerto, Gary Tamayo, Aljum Pelesio, Dave Barlas

Twenty professional boxers from different boxing stables around the Philippines will be given the opportunity to train in one roof and under the watchful eye of Pinoy boxing legend and two-time champ Gerry ‘Fearless’ Peñalosa, for the opportunity to face off against each other in a live and nationally-televised boxing event, courtesy of ESPN5.

This sports reality series will not only feature the fighters’ training and conditioning, but also their motivations – their loved ones, families, and for the opportunity to further build upon the legacy of Philippine boxing.

Each episode will feature not only why they fight, but who they are fighting for.
Gerry Peñalosa states that this is what Kamaong Pinoy represents: “Ang Kamaong Pinoy ay hindi lang panglaban, ito rin ay pang-protekta ng mga mahal sa buhay,” (The Pinoy boxer’s fist is not only for fighting, but also for protecting the ones they love).

The show also ties in a couple of ESPN5 live boxing events, bringing the culminating events of this reality series to a live audience.

TV5 President Vincent Reyes and Gerry Peñalosa

“The Filipino boxing scene has never been this exciting,” TV5 President Vincent Reyes shares. “The search for the next dominant Pinoy boxer can come from anywhere and bring something new to the table – a new stable, a new boxing style, a new motivation. We are proud to be a pivotal part of this, and to share Gerry Peñalosa’s vision in his search for the next Fearless Pinoy Fighter.”

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