Italianni’s at Conrad SMaison is now open!

Wherever we may wander, we always come home to the people and the things we love. Just as in ITALIANNI’S, where we taste new dishes but our cravings still come home to the classic favorites weve loved for all the right reasons. They are Italianni’s Best Kept Secret Recipes that occupy a special place in our hearts, not only because of their flavorful goodness but also because of the warm memories they evoke.

Start with the calamari, shrimps, zucchini and fish fillet combo called the Frito Misto and the Liver Pate on buttered bread to jumpstart a good meal. Combine lively banter with Romano Chicken Caesar Salad, a mix of romaine, mushroom, artichokes, red pepper, and breaded chicken drizzled in caesars dressing.

Recount precious experiences while you get a load of Country Rigatoni Pasta, al dente pasta with Italian sausage, chicken, pancetta, cannellini beans, vegetables, and parmesan butter. Or if you remember a sentimental moment, share it all over again as you sink your teeth into the Salmon Pesto Linguini thats loaded with salmon, tomatoes, parmesan, and pesto cream.

Then there’s the scrumptious Poached Salmon sitting on a bed of carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and herb potato and resting in seafood stockits perfect for the mood of the moment.

Don’t forget to pair these classic dishes with your favorite wine and say Cheers to making new memories!

Fall in love again and more than ever with Italiannis Best Kept Secret Recipes because it is just the kind of homecoming that we all long for.

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