Maja Salvador, Janella Salvador, Geoff Eigenmann and Joshua Garcia Are Taken Over By Love And Fear In “The Killer Bride”

Love and fear become synonymous as four people seek justice for the death of a love that was once teeming with life in the upcoming Kapamilya series “The Killer Bride” that will air soon on ABS-CBN.

The lead cast of The Killer Bride: Joshua Garcia, Janella Salvador, Maja Salvador, and Geoff Eigenmann with Dado Lumibao

Both coming from the showbiz clan of Salvadors, Maja Salvador and Janella Salvador will team up for the first time in a TV project and star alongside Kapamilya actors Geoff Eigenmann and Joshua Garcia.

Maja returns to television as Camila Dela Cuesta, a woman known for her beauty, wit, and pure heart. She then meets Vito, played by Geoff, the man she will fall in love with. Despite the trials their relationship will face, they will decide to get married.

But as their wedding day comes, a major scandal will shake the whole town of Las Espadas as Vito sees his soon to be wife drenched in blood and holding a knife beside his brother’s dead body. The whole town will persecute Camila and tag her as the “killer bride.” She eventually faces an unexpected death as the prison she is thrown in is ravaged by fire.

Ara Arida, Lara Quigaman, Cris Villanueva, Sam Concepcion, and Aurora Sevilla

Years will pass and the legend of the killer bride will live on, with townsfolk claiming to have seen a woman in a bloodied white dress and veil. But what was once an urban legend would turn into a reality with the arrival of Emma (Janella), who claims she is possessed by Camila’s spirit.

Many will doubt her, including Elias (Joshua), one of Vito’s workers. With the kindness that the Dela Cuestas have showed him, Elias vows to protect their family at all costs, even from Emma and the harm she could bring.

Loren Burgos, Alexa Ilacad, Keanna Reeves, Eric Nicolas, Jobelle Salvador, Dominic Ochoa

Is Camila truly using Emma’s body to revenge against Vito and the Dela Cuestas? What role will Elias play in the life of Emma?

Viveika Ravanes, Neil Coleta, Pamu Pamorada, Pepe Herrera, Malou De Guzman, and Miko Raval

Also part of the “The Killer Bride” are Dominic Ochoa, Loren Burgos, Alexa Ilacad, Eric Nicolas, Keanna Reeves, Eddie Gutierrez, Aurora Sevilla, Cris Villanueva, James Blanco, Lara Quigaman, Ariella Arida, at Sam Concepcion.

Watch out for “The Killer Bride” on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167).

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