La Germania | 5 ways to keep your kitchen appliances in tip-top condition

You’ve built your dream kitchen. You’ve found your ideal cooktop—with the range hood to go with it, the combi oven to meet your baking needs, the coffee maker to satisfy your daily caffeine requirement, and the perfectly-fitted refrigerator to keep your ingredients and culinary creations fresh.

But even durable and reliable kitchen partners can deteriorate prematurely if not given proper care. How do you keep everything functioning as they should for as long as they could?


1. Clean, clean, clean.
From the smallest kitchen appliance to the bigger, more complex ones, regular cleaning is imperative. While it’s a given that you should clean your blender and coffee maker on a per-use basis, did you know that ideally, you should be doing the same for your oven and cooktop?

La Germania brand ambassador and respected chef and restaurateur Chef Rolando Laudico recommends at least a daily wipe-down of exposed surfaces with soap and water. Even better if you can do it after every use. “You will prolong the life of your oven and cooktop if you always keep it clean because you won’t need to use a lot of elbow grease or harsh chemicals to remove stubborn stains and food crustings.”

Postponing cleaning your oven or cooktop until after you’ve used it for twenty-plus times will only make the task harder because whatever food or sauce you spill will accumulate and stick even more over time.

In a similar vein, it’s good practice to regularly wipe down your refrigerator, while scheduling a deep cleaning every 3 to 4 months.

2. Check under the hood.
Your exhaust system is typically overworked but underappreciated. Familiarize yourself with how your range hood sounds and how well it clears out smoke and smells when it’s functioning properly so it’s easier for you to tell if something is amiss.

Make it a habit to check the filter—the part that sits directly above your stove and prevents grease and food particles from being sucked up by the fan inside your range hood—to see if it needs scrubbing or if it’s time to have a professional inspect your range hood.

3. Say no to foil.
Whether you’re cooking or reheating food in your microwave or a gas oven—skip the foil. Aluminum foil tends to reflect heat and can mess up your cooking times. It can also melt and damage your gas oven so avoid using it to line your oven’s bottom rack. For a microwave oven, aluminum foil is an absolute no-no as sparks and even flames are bound burst within a few seconds in there.

4. Mind the gap.
Details such as the seal of your refrigerator door or the amount of ice buildup in your freezer are things you should look out for. Gaps when you close your refrigerator door affect its ability to maintain the internal temperature setting and in turn, makes an impact on its energy efficiency. When your refrigerator has to work extra hard to keep your food cold, the longevity of your appliance diminishes.

5. Have your service center on speed dial.
Now, you’ve done your best to be responsible with the upkeep of your kitchen appliance, but if the worst happens, you’ll need to have it checked by a professional. It’s good to have an easy and direct line of contact with your service center.

Aside from providing durable products built to last lifetimes, La Germania offers a reliable after-sales customer service that’s open from Mondays to Saturdays. And you can get in touch with them via phone or e-mail—whichever is more convenient for you. The best part? They’ve got service centers across the country ready to help you out with your product concerns.

When it comes to ensuring your perfect kitchen is in tip-top shape and set to serve up hearty meals for generations to come, it all begins with choosing the right brand for your appliances. From flexibility to suit different life needs to quality and durability that’s supported and assured even after purchase, you can’t go wrong with La Germania. It is the name trusted by Filipino families for over 50 years and counting and every cook’s ultimate kitchen partner.

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