DOH and DENR recognize Manila Water Lab Services

The Department of Health (DOH) Metro Manila Center for Health Development has recently approved the renewal of Manila Water Laboratory Services’ laboratory accreditation until 2022. With this accreditation, the DOH aims to maintain the quality of drinking water fit for public consumption in compliance with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW). The accreditation also allows MWLS to perform chemical, physical, and microbiological analysis even on samples taken outside of Metro Manila’s East Zone, and results of which will be recognized and accepted by DOH.

Manila Water Laboratory Services (MWLS) recently gained recognition for zero non-conformity as environmental laboratory from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and renewed its accreditation from the Department of Health (DOH). MWLS offers chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of raw and treated water as well as wastewater using standard laboratory methods and equipment

Likewise, MWLS registered zero non-conformity on the recently concluded assessment of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as part of its recognition and certification of MWLS as an environmental laboratory.

The recognition, valid until 2021, is a result of an inspection and assessment done by a team comprised of the Board of Chemistry, the academe and industry experts as commissioned by the DENR Environmental Management Bureau (EMB). MWLS has complied with the documentation, analytical performance and other requirements for reinstatement, with zero non-conformity and only two recommendations for improvement. The assessors also cited MWLS as a model laboratory having consistently performed outstanding proficiency testing whilst maintaining a world-class facility.

Environmental laboratories, as defined by the DENR, are those authorized to generate environmental data for environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring and research activities to support the formulation and implementation of government policies, criteria and rules and regulations on the protection of the environment.

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