New Starbucks® Rewards coming July 17

Starting July 17, collect Stars under the new Starbucks® Rewards by registering a new card to your account. Starbucks assures its customers that you’ll get your unused balance from your old cards.

Here’s what to expect:

If your cards are registered to one account, Starbucks will transfer your pooled balance of P100 or more from any of your cards to one new card.

If your cards are unregistered, Starbucks will transfer the balance of each card with P100 or more to a new card.

If you’re using the app, download the new version on July 17 and reset your password. Starbucks will use to view and transfer your pooled of P100 and more from your app to one new card.

Have less than P100 on your old cards or app? You’ll get a cash refund.

In the new Starbucks® Rewards, you’ll collect Stars on almost everything you buy with your registered card or app.


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